10 Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

It’s been so long I’m not even sure if I can still write, but let’s give it a try. People are more about images and video these days, but something in me has hope there are people out there still giving love to blogs. So this is the year I give my blog more love. If it works, great! If it doesn’t…well, I do know how much I enjoy it!

Today’s post is all about 10 Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Trends. I did this before 2 years ago (read it HERE) and I’m here to do another one. Fashion and beauty are what surround us and we can’t escape them. We have all these social media accounts, all the fashion retailers, influencers and we get to see different variations of main trends, the ones they write about in magazines, the ones on the catwalk.

I’m going to start with probably my favourite one this year:

The Monochrome Look

This is like a return back to the basics! Every single one of us has a black piece and a white piece in our wardrobe and the big designers are here to show us how to wear black and white together. Here are some of a few examples:

Dolce & Gabbana not only went for black and white, but they are really playing with geometry here and I love it!

Then we have Chanel, going for the most classy look you’ll ever find on the catwalk.


Now, I think I lied when I said the first one was my favourite. I clearly forgot about this one haha. Bralettes are the only type of ‘bras’ I wear. Never needed a bra for support, I’ve always went for a bralette and I’m so happy people are now wearing it more than ever!

It’s really up to you if you want to go for one that looks more like a crop top, or something with lace, picking out your shirt.

First we have Dior with these beautiful and romantic bralettes that look like a piece of art to me. I’m obsessed!

Jeremy Scott is not only one of my favourite designers out there, but he’s also a genius. I’m sorry but the beautiful show he put on for this collection, with the marionettes is genius! The details of this…

alt="moschino spring 2021 collection in Vogue magazine"

Wraparound Details or ‘Do the Floss” how Vogue likes to call this trend

There’s only a few approaches of this trend that I actually like, but I am not exactly the biggest fan. I’ll let you decide for yourself while I leave my favourite ones here:

Victoria Beckham really made this look wearable for me.

Nensi Dojaka, you have my edgy self’s heart with this 3 pieces.

Flowy Maxi Dresses

Everything is exaggerated for this trend. The dresses are really, really long and floaty and just thinking about wearing one kinda sends me into a fairytale story. I’d definitely wear something like this on a tropical holiday (that I’m not going to have soon because lockdown 3.0 in The UK)

I can feel these fabrics on my skin when the wind blows. I’m sorry I’m dreaming but this Valentino collection is really dreamy.

I think this trend really goes hand in hand with Erdem’s aesthetic.

Baggy Trousers

I think oversized is a big thing these days, after so much time we spend at home wearing comfortable clothes and now designers are giving wide trousers an elegant approach.

The brown/camel costume from Schiaparelli is definitely something I’d wear.

Now, this is not the cut/style I’d wear, but it is one from Stella McCartney that exemplifies the trend the best.

The Cape. Be your own superhero this season

This is a trend I see on the high street, at places like Zara and I am not sure if I’d go for it, but something in me thinks I’ll start liking it. It is definitely one my mum would love and this shows me once again that fashion always goes in circle, and trends our parents had back in the day are now present again.

Prada really loves this trend and they came out with different approaches. The trench one has to be my favourite.

Lanvin’s collection takes me back in time and their approach to capes are so romantic and feminine.

Sparkles Everywhere

Now you’d think sparkly clothing items are just for special events. No, no, not this time! Sparkles are everywhere and no one is telling you where to wear them! Living room, on a dog walk, business meeting, it’s your choice!

Balmain is one of my favourites and I love his style mix for this collection!

I am not sure if it’s just me, but I never imagined Burberry coming out with this kind of pieces. Don’t get me wrong, it is amazing and they definitely kept the classy vibe!

Cut Out Details

Again, a trend I’d go for! I’ve always loved cut out details, especially the delicate, sexy, but not too much ones. I think, in a way, it makes us feel really sexy and powerful, but again it depends on the level of comfort you have and the amount of skin you like to show. My favourite approach to this look are backless dresses, bodysuits, blazers, backless everything!

Now, this is what I call the perfect backless dress! Love you for this, Givenchy!

Another amazing, feminine dress with cut out details, this time by Fendi.

But dresses are not the only items that were lucky to have this detail, I just chose to show you them, but you can find the cut out details on any item.

The Corsets Are Back

I always see this trend coming and going and every single time it comes back with a different approach. Now, we all know corsets have been here till the beginning of time and their utility changed during the years. It was created with the idea of lingerie, a piece of shaping underwear, something that was giving women that hourglass shape, but now we see it worn as a going-out top, or over a shirt.

Alexander McQueen killing it every time!

Do you like this Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini approach for the corset trend? I think I do, but not in those prints, maybe in a monochrome combination.

Feminine, but make it comfortable

After so much time in lockdown people definitely gave up on all their dressy looks and started wearing everything they found comfortable. Designers took notes and for spring/summer 2021 they decided to give the hoodie a more feminine look and they incorporated something that was usually worn as a loungewear piece or sporty into more feminine outfits.

Here are some of the examples:

Miu Miu really went back in time with the style of their hoodies and if you are 90’s baby you definitely remember this style.

Again, we can see here at the Celine show, a return back in time, the vintage bomber jacket/hoodie!

And with this one I end this 10 fashion trends for spring/summer 2021. Let me know which one is your favourite!

The source for all the information here is Vogue Magazine: https://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/gallery/spring-summer-2021-fashion-trends

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