The Most Popular Makeup Trends In 2021

It was only tradition I do a 2021 makeup trends post. Just like I did the fashion-related one that you can read HERE.

I did a similar post in 2020 that people seem to enjoy so if you want to check that too you can find it HERE.

Just something really quick before we get into the trends I really wanted to point out at something. The beauty industry is always changing accord to all the social events around us.

We all know what’s been happening in the world lately and how it affected most of us! Well, you can clearly see that the changes in the beauty industry really make so much sense. The focus is on the eyes more than ever, now that we need to wear face masks.

I find this really interesting and I really wanted to point it out! Now we can being!

Graphic Liner

Graphic liner is everywhere you look. I tried this trend myself and I can admit I am obsessed. You can find this trend in different versions. Colourful eyeliner, feline eye, really out there, or just thin lines.

alt="graphic liner by patrick ta on instagram"
Patrick Ta’s look on @avani for the Louis Vuitton fashion show. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGBQNJCDNU4/

Here’s my version of a graphic liner with a pop of colour

This is one more type of graphic liner I did and I’m absolutely obsessed with. It’s the feline type. Call it a cat eye, fox eye, whatever you’d like.

Dolphin Skin

The name of this trends makes so much sense you stop and think about it. Fresh, glowy, natural and healthy skin is key this year! It is definitely a trend I jumped on without even realising I did.

It all starts with a good skincare routine and then take the makeup into account.

Another makeup look by Patrick Ta on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CIRQMWdjdz9/

You can’t ignore how healthy and glowy this face makeup looks.


I give it all to Fenty Beauty and my skincare routine.

Colourful Eye Makeup

As I said in the introduction of this blog post the focus is on the eyes this year. The most popular makeup trends in 2021 are all based around a bold eye.

With the look I chose to show you from my Instagram you’ll get to see a combination of a colourful look with a graphic liner.

And another one, this time using purple, which by the way, seems to be the favourite shade this year.

Nostalgic Makeup

Just like fashion, the trends always come back but always with a new, fresh vibe. The ’60s and ’90s seem to be the most present. Or at least it’s the ones I’ve noticed. I have to admit I haven’t tried this type of makeup, but I will definitely will. I don’t experiment with fashion too much, but with makeup, I’m not afraid.

Coloured Mascara

I remember when this was actually a thing back in the day and how much I used to hate it. It was so weird to me and I remember my aunt gave me a metallic silver mascara that I never touched. I refused to jump on this trend and now I am here wishing for another metallic silver mascara hahaha. Or even a blue one, or red one, or green one.

Looking for coloured mascara photo examples I came across this Insta account and immediately followed. I think she is amazing!

And these were the 5 most popular makeup trends of 2021 *in my opinion* Let me know if you agree or tell me which ones would you add to the list.

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