Why I Love Makeup So Much

Serious talk today! I will tell you why I love makeup so much, why I keep making tutorials, why I wear it even when I have nowhere to go.

My passion for makeup started years ago, and to be fair I don’t even remember exactly when. But I know the minute I discovered it and started playing with it I fell in love and I became more and more curious, trying to learn more and recreate looks I was seeing online.

Everything I can do with makeup I’ve learned myself. Yes, sometimes I totally fail, but that’s alright cause that’s how we learn, right?

I started making Youtube videos then went on Instagram and made loads of small tutorials. Makeup is something that always helps me clear my mind. Sitting in front of a mirror for hours sometimes, playing with different products, different colours and techniques helped me ignore toxic thoughts.

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Helloo! 🐍🐍 Here's the only video I kept and posted where something went wrong. Usually, I cut those parts or I just start all over again, but I wanted to share it with you for a few reasons. The mistake I made is not a big one, but I didn't look at the colours I picked before I started the makeup and the green I wanted to use in the middle for my halo-eye had a bit too more blue, it was more like a turquoise rather than a green and the green from the @morphebrushes and @jaclynhill was the perfect khaki green. The colours didn't work well together so in the end, I decided to apply the darkest greenish-turquoise (I can't describe colours, I swear) over the khaki and it worked. One of the main reasons it worked is because I decided to use 2 of the best palettes in my kit when it comes to blendability (is that even a word? no idea, but you know what I mean) So, if you are looking for eyeshadows that blend like a dream I highly recommend the Jaclyn Hill and Morphe Palettes and @juviasplace. I hope you enjoyed my Slytherin green makeup! . . . . #makeup #makeuptutorial #greenmakeup #greenmakeuptutorial #slytherin #slytheringreen #morphebabe #morphebrushes #jaclynhillxmorphe #jaclynhill #juviasplace #juviasplacethemagic #motd #makeupoftheday #makeupblogger #makeupinstagrammer #instagrammakeup #ukmakeup #ukmua #muas #ukblogger #beauty #beautyvideo #beautycontent #beautyuk #ukbeauty

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I will leave here all my latest makeup looks and the small tutorials for some of them while I keep talking.

So, yeah…makeup is my escape and I see it more than a part-time job, or a passion.

A lot of people think we wear makeup to give us confidence, to hide things we don’t like, to change the way we look. And yes, it can also be that, but why is that something to judge? Don’t we all do something, no matter what that something is, to make us feel more confident?

I do love the way I can make myself look with makeup, but I don’t mind a bare face, without makeup either.

What I do love the most about makeup is the power of a bold lipstick! God, I do love me a good, bold lip and I don’t care if it is just for going grocery shopping in the middle of the day.

Isn’t it interesting how much makeup can change the way you look? I honestly love the idea of looking different every day, creating different vibes every day. It’s just the way I am and makeup helped a lot with that…I just get bored with my appearance. I think that’s also why I change my haircuts and hair colour so often too!

If you love makeup and you want to learn more let me just say this: You don’t need to go to a school! Trust me, when I started this I had no idea what I was doing, what brushes to use and the perfect cat-eye look was just a dream. But practice helps! Just watch as many tutorials as you need, practice on your face or on others, don’t give up just because the first or second or even the 10th look isn’t perfect! If it actually is what you want to do, do it!

Talking about tutorials and looking at these last photos I just wanted to share with you one of the videos that really helped me. It’s about colour theory, what goes together, what doesn’t. You will understand more after watching it, so check it out!

Don’t be afraid to get inspired by others! Use their techniques, makeup looks, but never forget to give them credit!

So, this is my little story and behind the scenes. Makeup should be something fun for everyone, we should all make our own rules when it comes to it and follow just the ones that work for us! Wanna wear black lipstick? wear black lipstick, wanna go out in the middle of the day with glitter all over your face? Well, just do it if it makes you happy!

I hope you have or find a passion that helps you just as much as mine helped me!

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